Local Manufacturer Delivers Critical Hand Sanitizer to Meet Emergent Needs

As we move through another month of fear and uncertainty, most people's lives have been completely upended by the Corona Virus sweeping the world. In these difficult times, Hi-Gear Products, Inc., and its sister company USPack, Inc., the Massachusetts based manufacturer and worldwide distributor of chemical specialty products, is working to ameliorate the critical shortage of Hand Sanitizer and help reduce further spread of the disease by increasing production and distribution.

In March, when realities of COVID-19 became evident in Massachusetts, USPack began to rampup production of Hi-Gear Hand Sanitizer and distribute the product where the need is greatest-among local first responders and other helpers.

To date, Hi-Gear & USPack have donated hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer to local police departments and other front-line responders including; Leominster Police & Fire Departments, Blackstone Police Department, Hudson Police & Fire Departments, Templeton Police & Fire Departments, Gardner Police & Fire Departments, and many others. Moreover, keeping production going and all their employees working in a safe environment is extremely important to company leaders.

In these times, Hi-Gear/USPack President, Lana Aptekman, sees these efforts as a continuation of her broader goal and steadfast commitment to be a steady neighbor and reliable employer in good, as well as in challenging times.

"Battling this terrifying pandemic requires the concerted effort of communities, businesses and concerned people everywhere;" said Svetlana Aptekman, president and cofounder with her late husband, Alexander Aptekman. "It is my sincerest hope that our contribution, when combined with the noble efforts of others, can help mitigate the spread of this terrible disease, relieve economic instability for our employees, and help return our communities to a greater sense of normalcy as soon as possible."

Local first responders are also very grateful for the support; posting on social media to spread the word that "we are all in this together" and together, we will all get through it!

Hi-Gear Products Inc. & USPack, Inc., global leaders in the automotive aftermarket industry, have been producing and distributing firstrate chemical products to discriminating customers around the world for nearly thirty years. The Hi-Gear product family has grown exponentially since its initial market offering, and today Hi-Gear offers more than 3000 products for practically every application in the automotive aftermarket industry, as well as household and industrial chemicals. Hi-Gear Products has earned its customer loyalty by maintaining an unwavering commitment to our founding principle – to develop and deliver the most technologically advanced and innovative products for distribution around the globe.

USPACK and Hi-Gear Product Inc.

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