Hi-Gear Products, Inc. - Always a Leader!

For thirty years, Hi-Gear Products Inc, has developed the highest quality, most technologically advanced and innovative automotive aftermarket products for markets around the globe. Expertly formulated and real-world tested in some of the harshest climates on earth—from Middle Eastern deserts to the frigid slopes of Siberia — Hi-Gear and its associated brand products have proved unsurpassed in performance, quality and reliability.

Hi-Gear Products

Today, Hi-Gear offers more than 4,000 products for practically every application in the automotive aftermarket – gasoline and diesel additives, greases, engine, transmission, power steering and hydraulic fluids, cooling system additives, metal conditioners, appearance and car care products, epoxies, adhesives and repair products, aerosol cleaners and lubricants as well as household and industrial chemicals.

Hi-Gear’s pledge to deliver convenience, superior customer service, product support, and the reassurance of reliable long term relationships defines the hallmark of our success. With our steadfast commitment to excellence and our firmly-held motto - “Always a Leader”, Hi-Gear has earned its place as a global forerunner in the automotive aftermarket industry.

With the strength of our services and capabilities, Hi-Gear offers a measurable competitive advantage for customers:

  • Hi-Gear products are made in the USA
  • State of the art manufacturing processes
  • Robust QA and QC programs
  • Strategically located USA manufacturing and logistics facilities
  • Multi-language labeling
  • Diversity of products/product lines and packaging offerings
  • Continuous improvement systems


Hi-Gear Products utilizes renewable Solar Energy to power all manufacturing and distribution activities at its USA facilities. Our commitment to Green Sustainable Manufacturing has helped to significantly reduce our carbon footprint while contributing to global efforts to reduce carbon-based pollution.